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  2021-12-09 Preparation of Carbon Fiber Carrying Fe3O4 Composite Material and Analyses on Its Absorber Property
  2021-12-08 (10)Effect of Weave Structures on Air Permeability of Fabric
  2021-12-08 (9)Eco-friendly Dyeing of Silk Using Extract of Onion Skin
  2021-12-08 Research Progress of Three-dimensional Conductive Polymer Biosensor
  2021-12-08 Research Progress of Nano Silver Textiles Composite Material
  2021-12-08 Property Study of Cysteine Coupling Protein Modified Lyocell Fiber
  2021-12-08 Study on Formaldehyde Adsorption Property of Activated Carbon Fiber
  2021-12-08 Analyses on Fabric Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness Based on Three-dimensional Simulation
  2021-12-08 Influence of Heating Zone Design on Electrically Heated Garment Thermal Comfort
  2021-12-08 Preparation and Radiation Protection Property Study of Lead-free Protective Fabric
  2021-12-08 Preparation of Carbon Fiber Carrying Fe3O4 Composite Material and Analyses on Its Absorber Property
  2021-10-29 Polymers- A Perspective Material
  2021-10-29 Research Progress of High Temperature Resistant Superfine Fiber
  2021-10-29 Research Progress of Three-dimensional Woven Wave-absorbing Composite Materials
  2021-10-29 Study on Ultraviolet-proof Finishing of Cotton Fabric with Nano Silver Doped TiO2 Gel
  2021-10-29 Preparation and Property Study of Graphene High Elastic Strain Sensor
  2021-10-29 Preparation and Property of Multi-layer Composite Waterproof and Breathable Canopy Material
  2021-10-29 Preparation and Property Study of Flame-retardant Viscose Fiber
  2021-10-29 Preparation and Application Progress of Activated Carbon Fiber
  2021-10-29 Research Progress of Collagen Modified Cellulose Fiber
  2021-03-15 Carbon Fiber: An Important Fiber Useful for Novel Applications
  2021-03-15 Research Progress of Medical Protective Clothing
  2021-03-15 Application of Flexible Pressure Sensor in Intelligent Textiles
  2021-03-15 Influence of Five Finishing Method on Cotton Fabric Style
  2021-03-15 Test Method of Denim Fabric Bias Filling Based on Image Processing
  2021-03-15 Research on the Improvement of Sewing Thread Property for Down Jacket
  2021-03-15 Research Progress of Nanofiber Material Application in Wound Dressing
  2021-03-15 Study on Low Temperature Plasma Surface Modification of Basalt Fiber
  2021-03-15 Basic Property of Cotton Straw Skin Microcrystalline Cellulose Phase Change Temperature-adaptable Fiber
  2020-06-10 (2) Different Issues in Textile Industries: An Important Considering Factor for Good Survival of Lives
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