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  2018-12-12 Durable Press (DP): A Quality Enhancing Parameter for 100% Cotton Garment Fabrics
  2018-12-12 Effect of Dyeing and Finishing Process on the Properties of LOTAN Blended Fabric
  2018-12-12 Functional Analysis of Graphene Modified Viscose Fabric
  2018-12-12 Antibacterial Processing Study of Fe-doped ZnO Cooperating with Microwave for Eider Down
  2018-12-12 Structure Study of Fiber Assembly Based on X-ray Tomography
  2018-12-12 Study on the Improvement of Aging Resistance for Polypropylene Geotextile with TiO2 Hydrosol
  2018-12-12 Objective Evaluation of Fabric Fuzzing and Pilling Based on Three-dimensional Surface Image
  2018-12-12 Reconstruction of Textiles Texture Based on Transmission Optical Imaging
  2018-12-12 Defect Inspection of Yarn-dyed Fabric with Context-aware Saliency
  2018-12-12 Identification of Wool and Cashmere Fiber Based on Digital Image Processing
  2018-12-12 Recycling of Textile Waste
  2018-12-12 Precautions of Weaving Tear Resistant Fabric
  2018-12-12 Functional Analysis of Graphene Modified Viscose Fabric
  2018-12-12 Development of Textile Fibers used in Active Wear and Sportswear
  2018-12-12 Design and Production of Irregular Warp Direction Tubular Fabric
  2018-12-12 Development of Modal Chitin Fiber Air-jet Vortex Blended Yarn
  2018-12-12 Optimization of Response Surface Method for Hemp Fabric Treatment Process
  2018-12-12 Effect of Lower Molecular Weight Chitosan on Hydrophilicity of Polyester Fabric
  2018-12-12 Preparation of Nano-fiber-nets Membrane and Its Air Filtration Property Study
  2018-12-12 Carbon Microsphere Structure Produced with Cotton Fiber and Its Absorbency Property Study
  2018-01-26 Ecofriendly Pretreatments of Linen
  2018-01-26 Technology Research of Combed Yak Cashmere and Cotton Blended Knitting Yarn
  2018-01-26 Development of Ultra-deep Water FPSO Mooring Ropes using High Modulus/ High Tenacity Polyester Yarn
  2018-01-26 Development of Cleancool Blended Multifunctional Woven Fabric
  2018-01-26 Anti-ultraviolet Property Study of Modified Polyacrylonitrile Nanoscale Fibrous Membrane
  2018-01-26 Style Analyses of Two Viscosity Filament Fabrics
  2018-01-26 Effect of Stainless Steel Filament Arrangement on the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Composite Board
  2018-01-26 Preparation and Study of a Graphene Silver Composite Fabric Electrode
  2018-01-26 Increasing Profitability of Traditional Textile Enterprise with Intelligent Spinning Mode
  2018-01-26 Intelligent Technology Performance and Effect Analyses of Digitization Spinning Workshop
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