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  2020-06-03 Application Status and Development Trend of Breathable Biochemical Protective Clothing
  2020-06-03 Research Progress of Nanofiber Material Application in Wound Dressing
  2020-06-03 Research Status and Prospect of Soft Anti-stab Material
  2020-06-03 Research Study of Ionizing Radiation Protective Textiles
  2020-06-03 Research Status and Development Trend of Arc Protective Textiles
  2020-06-03 Development and Application of a Nanofiber Wrapped Yarn Spinning Device
  2020-06-03 Test Method of Denim Fabric Bias Filling Based on Image Processing
  2020-06-03 Management Practice of Improving Winder Production Efficiency
  2020-06-03 Key Point to Control Machine Material Consumption in Cotton Spinning Enterprise
  2020-06-03 Influence Analysis of Raw Cotton with Lower Moisture Regain Humidification Treatment on Production Quality
  2020-06-03 Exploration of HC500 Comber with Forward Cotton Feeding Method
  2020-06-03 Production of Siro Spinning Polyimide Fiber 5.9 tex Yarn
  2020-06-03 Use Experience of Switzerland BERKOL Rubber-covered Roll Processing Equipment
  2020-06-03 Preparation and Electrical Properties of Lyocell Metal Composite Fabric
  2020-06-03 Design and Property Test of Comfort Flame-retardant Anti-Arc Fabric
  2020-06-03 Research on Weaving Technology of Superfine Cotton Fabric
  2020-06-03 Application of Passive Dynamic Filter Technology in Textile Mill
  2020-06-03 Discussion on Production Mode of Intelligent Weaving Factory
  2020-06-03 Research Progress on Heat and Moisture Transfer Numerical Simulation of Thermal Protective Fabric
  2020-05-06 Disscussion of Spinning Process Intelligent Development Status
  2020-05-06 Development Status and Trend of Molten Metal Splash Protective Clothing
  2020-05-06 Pile Small Figured Fabric Design Based on Song Brocade Pattern
  2020-05-06 Product Design and Property Research of Luminous Coated Fabric
  2020-05-06 Production of Viscose Cotton Superfine Blended Fabric
  2020-05-06 Research and Application of Lower Sizing Processing
  2020-05-06 Application Research of Color Theory in Color Spun Product Development
  2020-05-06 A Brief Discussion on Production Practice of Spinning Black Polyester Yarn in Heavy Weight per Unit
  2020-05-06 A Brief Discussion on Production Practice of Spinning Black Polyester Yarn in Heavy Weight per Unit
  2020-05-06 Yield Optimization of Spinning C 18.2 tex Yarn with JWF1203 Carding Machine
  2020-05-06 Discussion on Spinning Flocculation Property of Ji 863 Cotton andJi 521 Raw Cotton
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