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  2019-12-27 Discusion of Zhuang Brocade Weaving Process and Inheritance
  2019-12-27 Application and Development Trend of Flame Retardant Material in Military Textiles
  2019-12-27 Preparation of TiO2 Coating Cotton Fabric and Its UV Protection Property
  2019-12-27 Production Key Point of A Rough Style Denim Fabric
  2019-12-27 Spinning of Plant Dyed Modal Fiber Colord Spun Knitting Yarn
  2019-12-27 Practice of Spinning Untwisted Yarn on Core spun Yarn Device
  2019-12-27 Production of Bamboo Fiber 5.9 tex Yarn
  2019-12-27 Development of Protective Clothing Molten Metal Splash Tester
  2019-12-27 Application of USTER Spinning Single Spindle Detection Device
  2019-12-27 Development of Rapid Packaging Equipment for Cotton Fiber Sample
  2019-12-27 Design of Jiangnan Watertown Type Decorative Fabric
  2019-12-27 Development of Cotton 19.7 tex Ecosnow Heather Yarn
  2019-12-27 Application and Energy Saving Analyses of Textile Air Conditioner Double Sprinkling Chamber
  2019-12-27 Influence of Air Conditioner Dedusting on the Spinning Quality
  2019-12-27 Manufacture and Property Test of Sandwich Composite Panel Based on RTM
  2019-12-27 Establish of Geometric Construction Phase for Woven Fabric in Virtual Reality Technology
  2019-12-27 Preparation and Property Analyses of Nano Fiber Lithium Battery Anode Material
  2019-12-27 Preparation of High Strength Meta aramid and Its Mechanical Property Test
  2019-12-27 Curing Treatment of Madder Plant Dyeing Modal Fiber
  2019-12-27 Manufacture and Property of Biomass Graphene Modified Regenerated Polyester Fiber
  2019-12-27 Study on the Chemical Stability of PBS Fiber
  2019-11-26 Development and Application Status of Three dimensional Knitting Composite Material
  2019-11-26 Research and Application Status of Rare Earth Luminescent Material in Textile Field
  2019-11-26 Technology Discussion on Improving and Stabilizing of Drawing Force
  2019-11-26 Production of Flax Cotton Blended Fabric
  2019-11-26 Study on Automatic Sampling Continuous Detection System
  2019-11-26 Structure Analysis of Core spun Yarn Collector and Its Application Effect
  2019-11-26 Production of Keweenaw Cotton Blended Superfine Yarn
  2019-11-26 Spinning of Fine Modal Viscose Small Proportion Colored Spun Yarn
  2019-11-26 Use Effect Analysis of Two Kinds of Condensed Spinning Form
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