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  2018-10-25 Research Status and Related Processing Technology of Medical Wound Dressings
  2018-10-25 Energy saving Improvement Effect of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  2018-10-25 Development and Property Test of Wormwood Modified Bamboo Fiber Fabric
  2018-10-25 Research and Application of Carbon Fiber Filament Strand Twisting
  2018-10-25 Production of Sorbtek Siro Core spun Denim Yarn
  2018-10-25 Processing Optimization of JWF1204 Carding Machine
  2018-10-25 Production Practice of Machine picked Cotton on New Type Blowingcarding Unit
  2018-10-25 Design and Production of Polyester Filament Elastic Fabric
  2018-10-25 Improved Design of Partial Warp and Weft Velludo Fabric
  2018-10-25 Related Technology Discussion of Collective Segment Changing Sliver Can Operation on Roving Frame Rear
  2018-10-25 Comprehensive Control Method and Application of Foreign Fiber in Cotton Mill
  2018-10-25 A Quick Method to Determinate 1,3-Propanesultone in Textiles
  2018-10-25 Influence of Washing Mode on the Accuracy of Cotton Viscose Quantitative Analysis Result
  2018-10-25 Textile Material Identification Based on Principal Component Analysis and Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  2018-10-25 Discussion on Textile Fiber Blending Technology
  2018-10-25 Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Two Kinds Fabrics Reed Mark
  2018-10-25 Mechanism Analyses on Adjusting Slub Multiple and Slub Length for Slub Yarn
  2018-10-25 Sizing Effect of CD-A6 Size Mixture Replacing PVA
  2018-10-25 Preparation and Sizing Property of Oxidized Sesbania Gum PR-Su Composite Size Mixture
  2018-10-25 Struction,Property and Development of Water solubility Polyester Size Mixture
  2018-10-25 Influence of Starch Category and Structure on Its Sizing Property
  2018-10-25 Thoughts on Ecological Development of National Yarn dyed Fabric
  2018-10-25 Thoughts on Application Status and Industrialization Promotion of Super Soft Spinning
  2018-10-25 Research Progress of Higher Property Silicon Carbide Fiber
  2018-10-25 Quantitative Analysis of Cotton and Regenerated Cellulose Fiber Blended Product
  2018-10-25 Characteristic and Application Effect of Automatic Pick Remover
  2018-10-25 Technology Analysis of One Time Weaving Forming Home Textiles Suite
  2018-10-25 Design and Weaving of Hollowed Window Style Fabric Based on Warp Figured Fabric Structure
  2018-10-25 Technology Measures to Improve the Quality of Polyester Spandex Corespun Denim Fabric
  2018-10-25 Effect of False Twist Device on Yarn Property and Structure
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