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  2019-01-04 Technology Progress of Ring Spinning Automatic Piecing Device at Home and Abroad
  2019-01-04 Application of A New Sizing Sampling Device
  2019-01-04 Pure Cotton Ply Shaping Process Optimization
  2019-01-04 Application of New Polyurethane Rubber covered Roll
  2019-01-04 ​Production of Polyester Viscose Blended 12.6 tex AB Flame Yarn
  2019-01-04 Application of Slub Yarn Process Online Detection System
  2019-01-04 Process Parameters Optimization of Three channel Digital Spinning color Yarn
  2019-01-04 Practice of Improving K42 Spinning Frame Spindle Speed
  2019-01-04 Technology Measures to Improve the Strength of Denim Yarn and Surface Quality of Fabric
  2019-01-04 Key Process Optimization of Viscose Hard Twist Yarn
  2019-01-04 Practice of Neps Control in Combing Process
  2019-01-04 Study on the Relationship between Fabric Style and Thermal Conductivity
  2019-01-04 Study of Graphene Used for the Antistatic Finishing of Cotton Fabric
  2019-01-04 Selection and Higher Efficiency Running of the Draught Fan for Textile Air Conditioning
  2019-01-04 Study of the Flame Retardant Effect of Nano Grade Polysulfonamide Core Spun Yarn
  2019-01-04 Application Discussion of Photoshop Software Applied in Color Match of Colored Spun Yarn
  2019-01-04 Application of Yarn Sequence Image for the Simulation of Colored Spun Woven Fabric
  2019-01-04 Study on the Defect Detection of Yarn dyed Fabric with Deep Learning Based on Raspberry Pi
  2019-01-04 Fabric Defect Detection Method Based on Dual Norm Lowrank Decomposition
  2019-01-04 Discussion on the Properties and Development Trends of Elastic Denim Fabric
  2019-01-04 Imagination of Sizing Intelligent Manufacturing
  2019-01-04 Cause Analysis and Countermeasure of Creping in Coating Process
  2019-01-04 Discussion on Thermal Insulation Property of Honeycomb Threedimensional Textile Composite Material
  2019-01-04 Production of Cotton Nylon Elastic Dobby Weave Fabric
  2019-01-04 Discussion on the Factors Affecting Cotton Waste Amount
  2019-01-04 Spinning Practice of Acrylic Modal Mercerized Wool Siro Blank leaving Blended Yarn
  2019-01-04 Production of Imitation Rabbit Hair Corespun Yarn
  2019-01-04 Practice of Domestic Roving Machine Precise Control Fixed Length
  2019-01-04 Comparison of Carding Machine Movable Flat Two Driving Modes
  2019-01-04 Energy Saving Analyses and Control Measure for Compressed Air System of Textile Enterprise
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