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  2018-08-15 Research Progress of Stimuliresponsive Intelligent Textiles
  2018-08-15 Research Progress of Graphene Nanocomposites in Biological Stent
  2018-08-15 Development of Heat Flow Coolness Tester and Coolness Evaluation Index
  2018-08-15 Improved Design and Property Analyses of Interlacing Twill Fabric
  2018-08-15 Use Skill of Dobby Shedding Mechnism Organization Editor
  2018-08-15 Development and Design of Adjustable Integrated Doubler
  2018-08-15 Production of Mass Coloration Polyester Viscose Multicomponent Blended Yarn
  2018-08-15 Application Effect Analysis of Suessen EliTe Condensed Spinning Device
  2018-08-15 Modification and Application of Hopper Humidification Structure in Carding Machine
  2018-08-15 Selection and Property Study of Cotton Spinning Use Polyamide Short Fiber Oil Agent
  2018-08-15 Prevention and Control of the White Star Defect for Single Dyed Blended Fabric
  2018-08-15 Influence Factor and Improvement Measurement of Lyocell Fabric Surface Style
  2018-08-15 Quantitative Chemical Analysis Method for Mixture of Meta aramid Fiber and Para aramid Fiber
  2018-08-15 Test of Azinphos methyl Residue in Xinjiang Cotton and Its Producing Environment
  2018-08-15 Influence of Decorative Yarn Feeding Location on the Decorative Fiber Distribution of the Cloud Yarn Surface
  2018-08-15 Study of Cross sectional Pore Structure for Fiber Pilling in Parallel
  2018-08-15 Typical Clothes and the Thermal Property Study of Fabric Based on Thermal Comfort
  2018-08-15 Preparation and Property Analysis of Silvercontaining Hydrophobic Cotton Linen Fabric
  2018-08-15 Influence of PTFE Content on the Intertexture Fabric Property
  2018-08-15 Property Test of Hollow Roller Condensed Yarn and Its Woven Fabric
  2018-08-15 Present Situation and Prospects of Military Intelligent Textiles
  2018-08-15 Forecast of CN Cotton B Based on MIV-GA-BP Neural Network
  2018-08-15 Connotation and Design Features of Felt Home Textiles
  2018-08-15 Hebei Xingtai Area Flower Belt and Its Weaving Method
  2018-08-15 One Method for Reducing Weft Washing Shrinkage of Higher Elastic Denim Fabric
  2018-08-15 Design of Control System for Warp Beam Stereoscopic Storage Warehouse Based on PLC
  2018-08-15 Effect of Twist and Draft in Back Zone on Alginate Fiber Blended Yarn Quality
  2018-08-15 Porperty Analyse of Imitation Cashmere Modified Polyester and Its Blended Yarn
  2018-08-15 Effect of Spindle Oil on Production Efficiency of Air Jet Vortex Spinning
  2018-08-15 An Artificial Intelligence Method for Detecting Foreign Fiber in Seed Cotton
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