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  2019-05-05 Application of New Year Painting Auspicious Elements in Textile Design
  2019-05-05 Application of Microscopic Bionic Design in Modern Household Textiles
  2019-05-05 Analysis on Detection Technology of Plastic Film Foreign Fiber in Raw Cotton
  2019-05-05 Harm and Control of Electric Power Harmonic in Textile Mill
  2019-05-05 Design and Trial Weaving of Two abnormal 3D Tubular Woven Fabric
  2019-05-05 Property Study of Polyimide Flame Retardant Polyester Blended Fabric
  2019-05-05 Analysis of Bobbin Yarn Forming Influence on Bobbin Winder New End Forming Success Rate
  2019-05-05 Research on Spinnability of Xinjiang Raw Cotton
  2019-05-05 Effect of Moisture Regain on Color Grade During Cotton Storage
  2019-05-05 Development of Fully Automatic Limiting Oxygen Index Tester
  2019-05-05 Development of Intelligent Grade System for Textiles Color Fastness
  2019-05-05 Influence Factor Analyses for the Drapability of Outdoor Coating Fabric
  2019-05-05 Torsional Property Analyses of Several Modified Polyester
  2019-05-05 Nondestructive Detection and Evaluation of Aramid Ultraviolet Irradiation Aging Failure
  2019-04-30 Hairiness Detection of Glass Fiber Bobbin Yarn Based on MSER and SVM
  2019-04-30 Design and Application of Rovingspinning Unit System in Spinning Workshop
  2019-04-30 Spinning Intelligent Management Based onIntegration Information Monitoring System
  2019-04-30 Development and Application of Intelligent Technology for Blowing carding Unit
  2019-04-30 Construction Idea and Key Point of Intelligent Ring Spinning System
  2019-04-30 Discussion on Development Status and Future Trend of Intelligent Spinning
  2019-04-30 Research and Development Status of Stab Resistant Fabric
  2019-04-30 Preparation Technology and Application Status of Alginate Medical Material
  2019-04-30 Analysis and Suggestion on Quality Assessment Standard of Cotton Yarn in China
  2019-04-30 Design and Property Test of Flame Retardant Multilayer Fabric
  2019-04-30 Production of Loose Soft Finishing Elastic Denim Fabric
  2019-04-30 Production of Bamboo Fiber Yarn dyed Shirt Fabric
  2019-04-30 Study on Properties of Cotton Hemp False twisted Siro Condensed Blended Yarn
  2019-04-30 Spinnability Analysis of Dralon Acrylic Viscose Cotton Blended Yarn
  2019-04-30 Research and Application of Belt Winding System in Draw Frame and Lap Machine Combined
  2019-04-30 Discussion on Removal Technology of Raw Cotton Foreign Fiber in Cotton Mill
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