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arrow Weaving and Its Property of Circular Cone Shell Threedimensional Fabric

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:38:54  

Weaving and Its Property of Circular Cone Shell Threedimensional Fabric

LIU Jing JING Yifan

Abstract The weaving process and property of two kinds of circular cone shell threedimensional fabrics were summarized.The circular cone shell threedimensional fabrics were woven by 6K carbon fiber and glass fiber.The woven fabric structure,yarn preparation,weft insertion an so on were introduced.The weaving process of two kinds of fabrics were explained in details.The thickness,warp density and tensile strength of two fabrics were tested.The test results show that the thickness of carbon fiber fabric was around 4 mm and the warp density was from 2 counts/cm to 3 counts/cm while the thickness of glass fiber fabric was around 3 mm and the warp density was from 3.8 counts/cm to 4.2 counts/cm.The average breaking strength of glass fiber fabric was 2 898.3 N and breaking elongation was 37.5 mm.It is considered that both fabrics are excellent no matter in structure or properties.They have wider application area.