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arrow Structure and Oil Absorption Property of Platanus Fruit Fiber

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:39:04  

Structure and Oil Absorption Property of Platanus Fruit Fiber

SHAN Juchuan SUN Zhiyi ZHANG Ying ZHAO Tianjiao ZHANG Mengdi

Abstract The oil absorption property of platanus fruit fiber was studied.The structural morphology of platanus fruit fiber was observed.The influences of oil absorption time,oil temperature and platanus fruit fiber quantity on fiber oil absorption rate were analyzed.The test results show that the platanus fruit fiber was smooth in longitudinal with bamboo joint.The cross section was round or oval with hollow structure.The optimized process for edible oil absorption is 10 min absorbing time,25 ℃ oil temperature and 0.10 g for fiber weight.The oil absorption rate of fiber for edible oil is up to 32.1 g/g.The cyclical oil absorption is performed after removing oil with centrifugation method.After five cycles,the oil absorption rate was decreased from original 32.1 g/g to 30.0 g/g.There is only 6.5% decrease.It is considered that platanus fruit fiber has better oil absorption.The cyclical oil absorption can be achieved with centrifugation method.