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arrow Development of High Percentage Rabbit Hair Fiber Blended Fine Yarn

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:40:25  

Development of High Percentage Rabbit Hair Fiber Blended Fine Yarn

ZHANG Yi GAO Yuanyuan

Abstract The processing design key points of rabbit hair / cotton 80/20 14.3 tex siro condensed yarn and its fabric were discussed.The blended ratio was confirmed by analyzing the raw material properties.The spinnability of blended yarn was improved by effective pretreatment of rabbit hair.The processing parameters of blending machine were reasonably set and relaxing carding was adopted.Drawing process was focused on winding resistance & blocking resistance,improving the fiber straightness and stabilizing the evenness level.Three roller double short apron drawing form was used in roving process and the moisture regain of roving was suitably improved.Through the optimization of the whole set of processing route and technology parameters in following spinning,weaving and so on,rabbit hair/cotton 80/20 14.3 tex siro condensed yarn was successfully spun.It is considered that the influence of temperature and humidity during spinning process can not be ignored during the production of rabbit blended yarn.