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arrow Development of Bamboo Fiber Blended Loop Yarn

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:41:27  

Development of Bamboo Fiber Blended Loop Yarn

SONG Xiaobang CUI Hong LIN Hongqin

Abstract The development of loop yarn with cotton viscose bamboo fiber blended rotor yarn as fixed yarn and its property testing were discussed.17 tex polyester filament was used as core yarn.Acrylic/wool 70/30 blended roving was used as decorative yarn.The loop yarn with cotton wool style was spun in fancy twisting frame.The evenness and tensile property for fixed yarn and loop yarn were tested.The test results show that the yarn evenness,breaking strength and breaking elongation of bamboo fiber blended yarn as fixed yarn is in better level.The tensile properties of loop yarn are better.It is considered that the development of bamboo fiber blended rotor loop yarn is beneficial to the exploration of fancy yarn product development scope.