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arrow Analyses of Low Carbon Environmental Intelligent Colored Spinning Technology

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:48:01  

Analyses of Low Carbon Environmental Intelligent Colored Spinning Technology

MIAO Dingshu

Abstract The technology problems of lower carbon and better environmental colored spinning technology were discussed and integrated.The difficulties of dyeing,matching,mixing and managing for colored spinning technology were paid attention to.Aimed at the existing crucial reasons like lower efficiency,higher labbor cost,worse equipment,higher energy consumption and so on in colored spinning enterprises and the problems of fiber dyeing with environmental pollution,overall intelligent level of colored spinning industry and so on.,the development direction were pointed out.The direction follows green,low carbon,intelligentization and mid high direction,controls the standard of colored cotton and well grasps the skill of sorting,blending and opening for matching color.It is considered that chemical fibers with original colors should be used as much as possible to achieve large scale production,specialization and differentiation.Intelligently taking the measures like accelerate colored spinning hardware and updating & rebuilding the software and so on,the development steps to low carbon,environmental and intelligent colored spinning industry can be sped up.