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arrow Application of Tie dye Technology in Textiles Design

Datetime:2018-05-23 11:54:00  

Application of Tie dye Technology in Textiles Design

LI Shangshu SHI Peijin YANG Ting LIANG Liefeng

Abstract The innovation methods of tie dye in textiles design were discussed.The properties,advantages and process flow of traditional tiedye were briefly reviewed.In the aspect of process innovation,tie dye raw material innovation and tiedying process innovation method were summarized.In the aspect of pattern innovation,the color innovation in tie dye pattern,formation innovation in tie dye pattern and innovation method combined with science and technology were summarized.The application of tie dye in apparel,home textiles and daily decoration were introduced.The importance and innovation point of its matching with environment coordination were explained.It is considered that the introduction of new pattern,technology and color for tie dying technology as the traditional manual skill is the basic power to put it forward.