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arrow Property Test of Hollow Roller Condensed Yarn and Its Woven Fabric

Datetime:2018-08-15 09:29:42  

SHEN Meili1  XU Bojun1  LIU Xinjin1  SU Xuzhong1  CAO Xiuming2

(1.Jiangnan University,Jiangsu Wuxi,214122;

2.Jiangsu Sunshine Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Wuxi,214426)

    Abstract  The hollow roller condensed yarn and its woven fabric properties were discussed.The properties of hollow roller condensed yarn properties like strength & elongation,hairiness and evenness and the basic woven fabric properties like breaking strength,abrasive resistance,air permeability,creaseresistance,wicking property,fuzzing & pilling property and so on were tested.Phabrometer evaluation system was used for the testing of fabric hand feeling like stiffness,softness,smoothness and drapability.They were compared with the properties of the traditional ring yarn and its woven fabrics.The test results showed that the hollow roller condensed yarn had higher strength,better evenness and less hairiness.The woven fabric had higher breaking strength and their abrasive resistance,antifuzzing & antipilling property,wrinkle resistance and air permeability were all better than traditional ring spun woven fabric.The moisture absorption was a little bit worse.The fabric woven by hollow roller condensed yarn had better crispness and smoother surface.The drapability and softness were a little bit worse.It is considered that the comprehensive properties of the hollow roller condensed spun yarn and its woven fabric are better than those of traditional ring spinning.