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arrow Typical Clothes and the Thermal Property Study of Fabric Based on Thermal Comfort

Datetime:2018-08-15 09:45:38  

LI Sha  ZUO Zhaoguang  QIAN Xiaoming  YANG Ruiliang 

(Tianjin Polytechnic University,Tianjin,300387)

    Abstract  The typical clothes and their fabric thermal properties were discussed.The summer air conditioning environment of office building for Beijing and Tianjin district was taken as examples.The thermal comfort,typical dressing and fabric for the staff under the environment were studied.The results showed that the expecting temperature and relative humidity under typical clothes were 26.8 ℃ and 66.7% separately.Not only the thermal comfort but also the building energy saving could be satisfied the expectation.By adopting the sweating & warm body dummy,the average thermal resistance of typical clothes was tested as 0.37 clo.Compared with standard garment comfort thermal resistance (0.5 clo),it was lower 0.13 clo.The average thermal resistance of typical clothing fabric was only 0.117 clo and it was far lower than the thermal resistance of the corresponded clothes.It was considered that the thermal moisture properties of garment can not be one by one corresponded with the fabric thermal moisture properties.The fabric development and garment design especially for occupation dressing should consider the critical garment thermal resistance under the airconditioning system running under energy saving of the office building in the district.