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arrow Study of Cross sectional Pore Structure for Fiber Pilling in Parallel

Datetime:2018-08-15 09:46:48  

LIU Rangtong  LI Liang  LI Shujing  LIU Shuping  CUI Shizhong

(Zhongyuan University of Technology,Henan Zhengzhou,450007)

Abstract  The geometric structure theory was adopted to discuss the evaluation of crosssectional pore structure for fiber pilling in parallel.The general pore model for fiber pilling in parallel was listed.The equivalent diameter,pore sectional area and porosity of yarn inner pore were discussed from hexagonal stacking and quadrangular pilling.It was found in the research that there was a limitation for the porosity and the porosity of hexagonal stacking was larger than the quadrangular pilling.The pilling method of fibers could be controlled with porosity and the size of pores could be estimated.Taken fiber diameter as the benchmark of pore diameter,when the porosity was the lower limitation as 0.093 53,the pore equivalent diameter would not be larger than 1/40 of fiber diameter.When the porosity was between 0.093 53 and 0.214 60,the pore equivalent diameter would be among 1/40 to 1/15 of the fiber diameter.When the porosity was larger than 0.214 60,the pore equivalent diameter would be larger than 1/15 of fiber diameters.It is considered that the pore size of porous material is beneficial to fine control the fiber pilling structure.