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arrow Influence Factor and Improvement Measurement of Lyocell Fabric Surface Style

Datetime:2018-08-15 09:59:59  


(Zhengzhou Shengda College of Economics Business Management,Henan Zhengzhou,450000)

Abstract  The influence factor and optimized solutions of Lyocell surface style for garment clothing were discussed.According to the properties of Lyocell raw material,the influences of four factors including yarn hairiness,yarn broken rate,yarn short thick places and yarn splice on fabric surface style were analyzed and the solutions were put forward.It was pointed that the surface hairiness issue for Lyocell fabric could be solved by optimizing of the measure for spinning form,cotton assorting,raw material specific resistance,ring,ring traveler,winding process and so on.Through the innovation of splice operating method in spinning,lower control of spinning speed and better management of cheese transportation and package,the fabric surface issue due to yarn broken was improved.The yarn defect counts like short thick places on the surface of Lyocell fabric were decreased by improving the spinning ability of cared cotton with water and antistatic agent addition.Through optimizing the splicer and the splicing parameters,the appearing rate of surface splice was effectively decreased.It is considered that the customer requirement for Lyocell fabric surface style can be satisfied by scientifically and reasonably adjusting the whole flow processes.