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arrow Application Effect Analysis of Suessen EliTe Condensed Spinning Device

Datetime:2018-08-15 10:09:33  

HE Weina1  QUAN Yanjuan1  ZHAN Shugai2

(1.Wugang Yinlong Group Co.,Ltd.,Henan Pingdingshan,462500;

2.Henan Industrial Technician college,Henan Zhengzhou,450007)

    Abstract  The use effect of Suessen EliTe compact spinning device and its spinning components was discussed.The characteristics and use management requirements of the spinning components such as cradle,top pin,spacer pressure bar,negative pressure parts and lattice apron were analyzed.In the case of spinning JC 9.8 tex compact yarns as an example,a test comparison was made with indicators such as broken ends per 1 000 spindles per hour and yarn defects.The indicators such as uneveness,thin places,thick places and hairiness of Suissen′s compact yarns were all superior to those of ordinary compact yarns.It is considered that the correct use and maintenance of compact spinning components are the key to stabilizing and improving the quality of compact yarns and reducing production costs.