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arrow Development of Fine Count Higher Density Gracell Home Textiles

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:30:12  

WANG Jigen  ZHAO Ruizhi

(Jiangsu Dasheng Group Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Nantong,226002)

Abstract   Production points and key technology difficulties of fine count higher density gracell home textiles were discussed.The properties of gracell II fiber and its 9.8 tex siro condensed yarn were analyzed.The process parameters of warping,sizing and weaving process were designed and optimized.The principle of lower speed,smaller tension and smaller elongation was followed in warping and sizing process.Environmentally friendly size mixture was adoptted,scientific & reasonable coverage and blotting ratio was ensured.The principle of lower back beam,smaller tension,earlier shed timing,multilayer shed,lower pressure and earlier weft insertion was adoptted in weaving process.Through implementing a series of technology measures,the successful production was finally ensured and better weaving effect was obtained.