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arrow Production of Yarndyed Endandend Stripe Fabric

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:31:18  

ZHU Xuemei  QU Jianxin  GONG Yunyu

(Jiangsu College of Engineering and Technology,Jiangsu Nantong,226007)

Abstract  Production points of yarndyed endandend stripe fabric were summarized.The specifications of fabric design were introduced,including warp and weft,color warp arrangement,pattern card,warp density and weft density.GA012SF slack winder speed was 400 m/min,winding density was properly controled.Whiteness and dyeing uniformity during whitening dyeing were guaranteed.Rewinding speed was 575 m/min.CGGA114B warping machine speed was 600 m/min.The modified starch was used as main size,reinforcement and wear resistance of the sizing were ensured.Process of GA747 rapier looms was optimized,including earlier shed timing,later entering rapier,larger loom tension,higher back beam.The successful production was finally guaranteed.It is considered that the fabric has better permeability and comfort,it is suitable for top grade fashion shirt fabrics.