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arrow Maintenance Method of Winding Flat Belt in E35 Draw Frame and Lap Machine Combined

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:41:40  

TANG Mingke1  LIU Yunguang2

(1.Linqing Huaxing Textile Group Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Liaocheng,371500;

2.Liaocheng Yunguang Combing Technical Service Center,Shangdong Liaocheng,252000)

Abstract  The maintenance and adjustment methods of OMEGAlap E35 draw frame and lap machine combined winding flat belt were discussed.The core role of the winding system and the importance of proper maintenance and use were introduced.The fault performance and causes of winding flat belt abrasion were analyzed and the corresponding solutions were proposed.It is considered that by familiarizing with the performance of the equipment and strictly following the operation manual,the preventionoriented maintenance method is adopted and the best performance of the flat belt winding system in production is ensured while maximizing the service life of the winding flat belt.