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arrow Infrared Spectroscopy of Three Hemp Fibers at Different Temperature

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:43:13  

YU Hongwei  YUN Haili  CHANG Ming  ZHOU Erpeng  LIU Huiru

(Shijiazhuang University,Hebei Shijiazhuang,050035)

Abstract  The thermal stability of hemp fibers was discussed.The second derivative infrared spectroscopy of flax,jute and ramie fibers at different temperatures were studied.The results showed that flax,jute and ramie fiber mainly existed in three kinds of infrared absorption modes in the four frequency intervals.The four frequency intervals were 3 000 cm-1~2 800 cm-1,1 450 cm-1~1 400 cm-1,1 350 cm-1~1 300 cm-1 and 1 100 cm-1~1 000 cm-1.The three kinds of infrared absorption modes were —CH stretching vibration mode,—OH deformation vibration mode and C—O stretching vibration mode.The main functional groups of jute fibers were changed significantly as the temperature increase.It is considered that thermal stability of jute fiber is the worse compared to flax and ramie fibers.