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arrow Key Point on the Development of 0.84 tex Yarn Spinning

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:46:28  

SONG Junyan1  ZHAO Yang1  LIU Xia1  HE Xiaodong2  ZHANG Yugao2 

(1.Xinjiang Esquel Textile Co.,Ltd.,Xinjiang Urumqi,830054;

2.Guangdong Esquel Textile Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong Foshan,528500) 

Abstract  The development procedure for pure cotton super fine yarn was introduced.The production key points for three super fine yarn including 3.47 tex×2,1.79 tex×3 and 0.84 tex×6 were summarized,for examples the solution for issues like supply and selection of higher quality cotton,achievement of larger draft,yarn quality improvement,post treatment after adding water solubility vinylon fiber together with the optimization of process flow.It was pointed out that continuous progress and breakthrough of super fine yarn spinning were achieved by taking the technology measures like adopting double roving procedure together with the feeding of two first roving at the same time to solve the contradiction between drafting and unevenness,selecting selfcultivated Xinjiang long stapled cotton,inventing yarn dying tube with changeable perimeter etc..It is considered that the application of new technology is the key to promote product innovation.