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arrow Improvement Study on the Accuracy of Quantitative Analysis for Cotton Spandex Fabric by Near infrared Method

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:48:04  

ZHAO Zhenyu  WANG Jingli  LIANG Runmei  SUN Keqiang 

(Zhongshan Entryexit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau,Guangdong Zhongshan,528403)

Abstract  The influence of color and spandex core style on the test results of component quantitative analysis of cotton spandex blended fabric by nearinfrared spectroscopy was discussed.The near infrared spectrograms of samples before and after discoloration were compared.Models were established by selecting different spectral waveband.Predictive analysis was done for the spandex content of samples before and after discoloration.For cotton spandex cored fabric,the method of using near infrared method for prediction after smashing the samples was used.The experiments showed that more accurate prediction results for some deep color samples were obtained after discoloration.More accurate prediction results for cotton spandex cored fabric were obtained when the tests were done after smashing.It is considered that discoloration and smashing treatment can enlarge the application fields of the method used in component quantitative analysis of cotton spandex blended fabric when nearinfrared method is used to test cotton spandex blended fabric.