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arrow Online Intelligent Control of the Spinning Tension on Ring Spinning Frame

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:50:20  

ZHANG Yi1  XUE Yuan2  CHANG Yonghe2  HAN Chenchen2  YAO Chaoran1

(1.Zhejiang Changshan Textile Co.,Ltd.,Zhejiang Quzhou,324200;

2.Jiangnan University,Jiangsu Wuxi,214122) 

Abstract In order to decrease the breakage rate of ring spinning frame and improve the production efficiency,an online detection and control device for spinning tension on ring spinning frame were developed.By analyzing the effect factors of spinning tension test,efficient method to control yarn tension was put forward.The tested changeable yarn tension signals were collected by computer and data were processed to adjust the spindle speed.Then,the purpose of controlling spinning tension change could be obtained.The study shows that the goal of consist spinning tension can be achieved by the spinning tension system established.The breakage rate per thousand spindles in spinning can be obviously decreased.The production efficiency can be efficiently improved.