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arrow Influence of Carding Cylinder Card Clothing Tooth Depth on Yarn Quality

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:51:51  

CAO Jipeng1  YU Jicheng1  ZHANG Mingguang2

(1.Eastern Liaoning University,Liaoning Dandong,118003;

2.Liaoning Functional Textile Material Key Laboratory,Liaoning Dandong,118003) 

Abstract  The influence of different card clothing tooth depth on yarn quality was studied.Two kinds of cylinder carding cloths with different tooth depths were adopted separately.The carding comparison experiments were carried out under the condition of two sliver output speeds in carding machine.The same post processes were used for yarn spinning.The yarn evenness,strength and hairiness were tested.The test results showed that  0.3 mm tooth depth was better than 0.4 mm tooth depth from the yarn evenness and strength perspective.It had better advantage in relative higher yield.However,the effect trend for hairiness was different.When the sliver output speed was 120 m/min,smaller tooth depth had advantage.While the sliver output speed was 145 m/min,larger tooth depth showed the advantage.It is considered that the tooth depth of cylinder card clothing has effect on the yarn quality.Meanwhile,the yarn quality is also interactively influenced by yarn yield.