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arrow Preparation and Property Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Modified Viscose Fiber

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:53:20  

LIU Ying1  YU Husheng1  LI Fujie2  ZHU Ning3

(1.Qingdao University,Shandong Qingdao,266071;

2.Shandong Xinyue Healthy Technology Co.,Ltd., Shandong Binzhou,256623;

3.Tongfang HowNet Technology Co.,Ltd.,Beijing,100089) 

Abstract  The basic properties and antibacterial property of a traditional Chinese medicine plant modified viscose fiber were discussed.The traditional Chinese medicine plant modified viscose fiber was produced by mixing viscose spinning solution with the water solution of the extracts of traditional Chinese medicine plant from fructus cnidii,rhizoma curculiginis,sophora flavescens,cuscuta chinensis Lamat and so on with a certain mixing ratio.The properties of modified viscose fiber including crystalline degree,orientation degree,mechanical property,moisture absorption and antibacterial properties together with the contents of cnidium lactone and curculigoside were tested.The test results showed that the crystalline degree of traditional Chinese medicine plant modified viscose fiber was increased compared with normal viscose fibers,the orientation degree was reduced,the breaking strength and breaking elongation were decreased,the moisture absorption was improved.The antibacterial rates of the fiber against staphylococcus aureus,escherichia coli and Candida albicans were 98.9%,98.8% and 89.0% respectively.The cnidium lactone contents in fibers was 5.12 mg/kg,the curculigoside content was 0.6 mg/kg.It is considered that the traditional Chinese medicine plant modified viscose fiber has better healthy efficacy.