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arrow Preparation and Property Study on Silver Nanowire Composite Nanofiber

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:56:41  

XING Mingjie  PANG Shaowei  DING Liyan  CHEN Xiangyang 

(Qingdao University,Shandong Qingdao,266071)

Abstract  The influences of silver nanowire preparation process and silver nanowire additive amount on properties were studied.Silver nanowire was prepared with the method of hydrothermal reaction polyvinylpyrrolidone/silver nanowire composite fiber was prepared by electrostatic spinning.The microtopography of composite nanofiber with the silver nanowire under different reaction conditions and with different silver nanowire contents were tested.The test results showed that the morphology of silver nanowires was ideal when it was obtained after the solution was placed 30 mins and the hydrothermal reaction was happened for 24 h at 180 ℃.When the silver nanowire mass fraction in composite nanofiber was up to 5%,it had obvious antibacterial property.The composite nanofiber with the silver nanowire mass fraction of 8% had better photocatalytic property.It is considered that the polyvinylpyrrolidone/silver nanowire composite nanofiber has better antibacterial property and photocatalytic property.