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arrow Preparation and Property Characterization of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fiber Web

Datetime:2018-09-26 17:57:38  

TIAN Xu  XIN Binjie  JIN Shixin  CHEN Zhuoming

(Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai,201620)

Abstract  The influence of dimethylformamide/acetone mass ratio on mechanical properties of produced polyvinylidene fluoride fiber web was discussed.The polyvinylidene fluoride fiber web was prepared with electrostatic spinning process.Its microtopography,crystalline degree,thermal property,anti ultraviolet property,breaking & elongation and air permeability were tested.The test results showed that densifying polyvinylidene fluoride membrane was formed without pores,when the ratio of dimethylformamide/acetone was 10/0.As the increase of acetone content in mixed solvent,the polyvinylidene fluoride fiber membrane was formed with pores.The antiultraviolet property,air permeability and thermal stability of fiber web were obviously improved.When the ratio of dimethylformamide/acetone was 0/10,the fiber web could not be formed.When the ratio of dimethylformamide/acetone was 7/3,the polyvinylidene fluoride fiber membrane had higher crystalline degree and strength.It is considered that suitable solvent mixing ratio can be selected according to different property requirement in the practical application of polyvinylidene fluoride fiber membrane.