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arrow Study of the Flame Retardant Effect of Nano Grade Polysulfonamide Core Spun Yarn

Datetime:2019-01-04 09:50:36  

JIN Weiwei1  ZHANG Fuli2  ZHENG Yuansheng1  XIN Binjie1  MA Yuting1

(1.Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences,Shanghai,201620;

2.The Second Military Medical University,Shanghai,200433) 

Abstract  The flame retardant of new structural polysulfonamide fiber was discussed.Electrospinning device was adopted to prepare the corn-spun yarn with the polyester,vinylon,polysulfone as corn fibers and nano polysulfone fiber as covering fibers.The linear density and strength of each spun yarn and the flame retardant of their woven fabrics were tested.The test results showed that the flame retardant of fabrics were improved with the existing of nano polysulfone fiber.After covering with nano polysulfone fiber,the yarn breaking strength was slightly increased.It is considered that the corn-spun yarn combines the advantage of binary fibers.The advantage of the mechanical property for cornspun yarn is well taken.Meanwhile,the high temperature retardant and flame retardant of polysulfone fiber are also well played.