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arrow Selection and Higher Efficiency Running of the Draught Fan for Textile Air Conditioning

Datetime:2019-01-04 09:52:51  

LIU Yanjie  GAO Long  ZHOU Yide

(Zhongyuan University of Technology,Henan Zhengzhou,450007)

Abstract  To reduce the running energy consumption of textile air conditioning draught fan efficiently,the properties,design and the selection method of the common use blade shapes for textile air conditioning draught fan were analyzed aimed at the main types of textile air conditioning draught fan and their properties and according to the running principle of axial flow fan performance combined with pipe network.According to the practical running principle of textile air conditioning draught fan,it was put forward that different blade shapes of draught fun should be selected according to the annual running performance parameters and governor control characteristics of draught fan.In addition,the design method of sectional pressure control was used to control the pressure on two sides of draught fan.In the running management,control measures should be adopted for the pressure of key parts to ensure the pressure value of draught fan in the suction side and extrusion side were in the specified limitation.Then higher efficient and stable running of air conditioning system can be guaranteed.