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arrow Study on the Relationship between Fabric Style and Thermal Conductivity

Datetime:2019-01-04 10:30:51  

ZHANG Ying  MA Xin′an  ZHANG Shenghui  MA Jianchao

(Shaanxi Textile Science Institute,Shaanxi Xi′an,710038)

Abstract The influence of fabric specification on fabric thermal conductivity was discussed.The relationships among fabric thermal conductivity with mass per unit area,tightness,thickness,warp & weft density,fabric texture and fabric material were tested and analyzed.The results showed that fabric mass per unit area and thickness were the main factors affecting fabric thermal conductivity while the influence of tightness and fabric texture and so on for thermal conductivity were smaller.It is considered that understanding the affecting elements of fabric thermal conductivity deeply is beneficial to the design and production of related products for the enterprises.