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arrow Key Process Optimization of Viscose Hard Twist Yarn

Datetime:2019-01-04 10:34:30  

CHEN Yufeng1  ZHANG Hongmei2

(1.Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co.,Ltd.,Henan Xinyang,465450;

2.Jiangsu Dasheng Group Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Nantong,226002 )

Abstract Key production process of viscose hard twist yarn was discussed.Properties and quality requirements of viscose hard twist yarn were introduced.Key process was optimized in practice.Short process,lower speed,larger speed ratio of cylinder & licker in and softer carding were adoptted in blowing carding process.Stronger control in main zone,larger gauge and larger drafting factor in back zone were adoptted in drawing process.Medium weight per unit and larger roving twist factor were adoptted in roving process.Moderate gauge in the front zone,larger gauge and smaller drafting factor in back zone were adoptted in spinning process.Lower speed and moderate tension were adoptted in winding process.Heat setting or natural regaining was selected as setting,uneven humidification was controlled by temperature and humidity management.Through adopting the above measures,it is possible to achieve the requirements of better viscose hard twist yarn quality,less yarn defect and higher weaving efficiency.