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arrow Practice of Improving K42 Spinning Frame Spindle Speed

Datetime:2019-01-04 10:40:36  

LI Gang1 ZHANG Pan2

[1.Xinjiang Esquel Textile Co.,Ltd.,Xinjiang Urumqi,830054;

2.Rieter (China) Textile Instrument Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Changzhou,213022]

Abstract  In order to better excavate and exploit the potential and advantages of high yield and high quality K42 spinning frame,speedup tests were carried out on JC 9.7 tex and JC 7.3 tex respectively.Speed up plan was formulated in a targeted manner.Quality changes of the yarn during speed-up process and specific problems encountered and solutions were recorded in detail.It is considered that as long as equipment basic state is better and appropriate special equipment is selected,higher spindle speed of K42 spinning frame can be achieved,stable production and yarn quality can be ensured,return on investment of the enterprise can also be improved.