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arrow Process Parameters Optimization of Three channel Digital Spinning color Yarn

Datetime:2019-01-04 10:42:39  

GU Yan1  XUE Yuan1  XU Zhiwu2  ZENG Dejun2

(1.Jiangnan University,Jiangsu Wuxi,214122;

2.Chaohu Youngor Color Spinning Technology Co.,Ltd.,Anhui Hefei,253000)

Abstract  Process optimization scheme of spinning segment colored yarn on JWF1551 threechannel digital spinning platform was discussed.Four process parameters,such as yarn blending ratio,segmentation time,twisting factor and spindle speed were used as the research object to carry out four factor four  level orthogonal test.The best process configuration of colored yarn under comprehensive factor condition was studied.The result showed that the optimum process configuration of 19.4 tex segment colored yarn with constant blending ratio and color alternating was blending ratio 1∶2,segmentation time 4 s,twist factor 320 and spindle speed 8 000 r/min.It is considered that the segmentation time,spindle speed and blending ratio are the main factors affecting segment colored yarn properties.