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arrow ​Production of Polyester Viscose Blended 12.6 tex AB Flame Yarn

Datetime:2019-01-04 11:00:16  

WANG Hongyuan  ZHAO Qiaoni  WANG Jing  YUAN Yaning 

[Shaanxi Five Rings (Group) Share Holdings Co.,Ltd.,Shaanxi Xi′an,710038]

Abstract  Production process and quality control points of polyester viscose blended AB flame yarn by siro compact spinning were discussed.Selection of raw materials and configuration of main process parameters in each process were expounded.Focus on the selection of card clothing to enhance the carding effect, unevenness of semimanufactured should be made better.Roving tension,elongation and fixed length control should be consistent.Siro compact spinning A roving and B roving feeding position should be consistent,grid circle should be cleaned regularly, temperature and humidity should be controlled.Finally yarn quality was better.It is considered that the difficulty in production of such products is to solve the problems of yarn color deviation,color neps and spinning of single roving yarn.Qualified product can be produced when these problems were solved.