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arrow Pure Cotton Ply Shaping Process Optimization

Datetime:2019-01-04 11:05:44  

CHEN Guiliang1  WANG Jiankun2  HU Yanli2  ZHANG Yi2

(1.Hebei Like Textile Co.,Ltd., Hebei Cangzhou,061600;

2.Tianjin Polytechnic University,Tianjin,300160)

Abstract  Pure cotton ply shaping process parameters were optimized.Sewing thread was taken as an example,factors such as heat setting temperature,holding time,twist factor ratio and preset moisture regaining were selected to influence the shaping effect and the quality of ply after shaping.Twist run back and breaking strength with different process configurations were compared by single factor test and orthogonal test analysis.The result showed that when the setting temperature 90 ℃,thermal insulation time 35 min,twist factor ratio 1.6 and preset moisture regaining 20%,breaking strength of ply was decreased which satisfied the user′s requirement for strength.Twist run back was the smallest at the same time.There was no obvious discoloration in appearance.It is considered that optimization of process parameters must take into account both production efficiency and product quality.