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arrow Application of A New Sizing Sampling Device

Datetime:2019-01-04 11:07:20  

ZHANG Lanlu  CUI Xiuyan

(Hengsheng Textile Branch Shijiazhuang Changshan Beiming Technology Co.,Ltd.,

Hebei Shijiazhuang,050800)

Abstract  A sizing sampling device was introduced.Deficiencies in traditional artificial sizing sampling were analyzed.A new sizing sampling device was developed for sizing sampling work of workshop.Working principle and characteristics were expounded.It was pointed out that the new sizing sampling device was delicate,practical and efficient.It could obtain continuous sizing samples of several kilometers for testing.The yarn samples can be obtained without affecting the sizing efficiency and changing the sizing parameters.Actual sizing quality could be reprented by the obtained yarn quality.It is considered that the sampling device is conducive to accurate and efficient testing of sizing hairiness.