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arrow Study on Relationship between Yarn Twist Factor and Lightness Based on Image Processing

Datetime:2019-09-29 10:55:20  

JIN Jiabing  GUO Mingrui  FU Jiajia  LU Yuzheng 

(Jiangnan University,Jiangsu Wuxi,214122)

Abstract  The influence of twist factor on the surface lightness of colored ring spun yarn was studied based on image processing.The yarn image was collected by super field depth microscope.Then,the image was cut and denoised with median filter.The RGB information of images was extracted.The pure black pixels were removed.After that,the RGB color space was transferred to HSV color space.Its lightness channel was extracted.The three-dimensional surface diagram of lightness value and normal density curve histogram were drawn.The data graphs were analyzed.The results showed that the surface lightness distribution of ring spun yarn could be accurately evaluated by this method.It is considered that the fine tuning of twist factor is easier to control the yarn color compared with smaller scale fiber color mixing when the yarn properties and yarn usage condition can be satisfied.