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arrow A Focused Evaluation Function for Fiber Image

Datetime:2019-09-29 10:57:18  

LI Chunqiao  XU Zhongbao  LIU Shuang  CHEN Wei

(Hubei University of Technology,Hubei Wuhan,430060)

    Abstract  A focused evaluation function for fiber image was discussed.By studying edge detection and traditional image focusing evaluation function,fractional differentiation was applied in the focused evaluation of fiber image.The characteristics of the details in image textures could be detected by using fractional differentiation.A focused evaluation function of fiber image that combined fractional differentiation with integer differentiation was put forward.And it was compared with other traditional gray gradient functions.The test results showed that unbiasedness and unimodality could be met by the algorithm.The sensitivity and noise immunity were higher and it was better than traditional gray gradient functions.It is considered that the algorithm is suitable for the evaluation of the fiber image with richer details in textures.