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arrow Influence of Bamboo Charcoal Content on the Property of Modified Bamboo Fiber

Datetime:2019-09-29 10:59:34  

XU Yi1  ZHOU Hengshu1  LIU Jinfu2

(1.Hunan Institute of Engineering,Hunan Xiangtan,411104; 

2.Research Center of Hunan New Fiber Fabric and Machining Engineering Technology,Hunan Yiyang,413000) 

    Abstract  The influences of bamboo charcoal micro powder adding content on the fiber structure and properties of modified bamboo fiber were discussed.The spinning process with Nmethylmorpholine N oxide water solution was adopted.Bamboo fiber and modified bamboo fibers with bamboo charcoal content of 9%,23% and 33% were produced.The cross-section morphology,diameter,breaking strength and breaking elongation of each fiber were tested.The dispersion degrees of fiber property indexes were described with statistics by using Weibull distribution model.The experiments showed that the consistency of fiber diameter distribution model with Weibull distribution model was decreased as the increase of bamboo charcoal content,while the consistency between the breaking strength and breaking elongation distribution models with Weibull (3P) distribution model was increased.It is considered that the spinning difficulties is lower when the content of bamboo charcoal powder is less than 10%.Each property of modified bamboo fiber can be obviously improved.