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arrow Influence of Temperature at Soft Spinning on Viscose Fiber Yarn Quality

Datetime:2019-09-29 11:03:04  

XU Duo1  XU Jinliang2  MEI Jianxiang2  WEI Jiang2  LIU Keshuai1

(1.Wuhan Textile University,Hubei Wuhan,430200;

2.Yudahua Textile Garment Group Co.,Ltd.,Hubei Wuhan,430415) 

    Abstract  In order to explore the influence of temperature setting in soft spinning equipment on the yarn quality of viscose fiber,three groups of different temperatures at soft spinning equipment were designed according to the change situation of strength & elongation after heating the viscose fiber.The spinning mechanisms of soft spinning at 80 ℃,120 ℃ and 210 ℃ were analyzed.The hairiness,apparent structure,evenness,strength and set twist property of the spun viscose yarn were tested.The test results showed that viscose fiber could be dramatically softened when 120 ℃ soft spinning equipment was adopted.Then,it could fully took part in the internal & external transfer.The yarn hairiness could be efficiently reduced and the yarn strength could be improved.When 210 ℃ soft spinning equipment was used,the fiber conformation was changed due to the higher temperature,the fiber was bonded and the yarn quality was worsen.