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arrow Causes and Improving Measure of Spinning Broken End

Datetime:2019-09-29 11:08:11  

HOU Changyong 

(Shandong Liaocheng Huarun Textile Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Liaocheng,252000)

    Abstract  Causes and improving measures of spinning broken ends were discussed.By analyzing reasons that spinning broken ends in actual production,a series of technology management measures were taken in a targeted manner from raw materials to spinning processes.It is pointed out that there are many factors affecting spinning broken ends,measures should be taken mainly to reduce maximum value of spinning tension,increase minimum value of cotton yarn strength and reduce fluctuation of spinning tension.It is considered that reducing spinning broken ends is a systematic project,which is closely related to raw material property,equipment,process,operation,temperature and humidity.Reducing spinning broken ends is not only helpful to reduce labor intensity of worker,but also helpful to reduce production cost of enterprise and improve quality of cotton yarn.