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arrow Production Key Point of Polyester Viscose Flax 11.8 tex Colored Spun Yarn

Datetime:2019-09-29 11:16:18  

LONG Yongsheng  ZHANG Panpan   

(Wenshang Ruyi Technology Textile Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Jining,272500)

    Abstract  Process design and quality control key points of polyester/viscose/flax 70/20/10 11.8 tex siro condensed colored spun yarn were discussed.According to product design orientation and user requirements,   development difficulties of the blended yarn were analyzed.Cotton assorting materials, flax dyeing process and pretreatment method were optimized,each process parameters were optimized,workshop management was strengthed.Noil,reusable cotton waste,sliver waste and bellows waste were rationally used.On the basis of controlling yarn madeup rate,yarn quality meet the user requirements.It is considered that fabric style of polyester viscose and flax blended yarn can be effectively improved by process optimization.