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arrow Production of PTFE Filament Filter Fabric

Datetime:2019-09-29 11:17:21  

CHEN Yonghong  HOU Xiaopeng  CAI Puning  LYU Qingchen 

(Shaanxi Textile Science Institute,Shaanxi Xi′an,710038)

    Abstract  Production key points of two PTFE filament filter fabrics were summarized.Properties of PTFE fiber were introduced.According to user′s requirements,fabric specifications were designed,production difficulties were analyzed.For smoothness and easy to start static electricity properties of filament,water and antistacic agent were used as size material in sizing process.A special humidifying device was installed at the rear of weft accumulator and loom,static electricity accumulated on the filaments was reduced.The test results showed that air permeability and breaking strength of two fabrics produced were reached user′s requirements.It is considered that taking necessary measures is the key to reduce static electricity accumulated on the filaments in production.