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arrow Production of Fine Cotton Spandex Elastic Fabric

Datetime:2019-09-29 11:18:09  

LIU Sixi  WANG Hongyuan  ZHENG Ying  ZHANG Shengmin  ZHANG Lei 

[Five Rings (Group) Shareholding Co.,Ltd.,Shaanxi Xi′an,710038]

    Abstract  Production key points of fine cotton spandex elastic fabric were summarized.Fabric specifications,warp arrangement and weft yarn quality indexes were introduced.Warping speed was moderate,warp arrangement,tension and winding were ensured uniform.Modified starch TRF-S was used as main size material to enhance sized film strength.Heavier penetration,coverage,lighter tension,smaller elongation was adopted as sizing process principle.Equipment state maintenance and operation management were strengthed to ensure quality of sizing beam.It was produced on ZA203-280 air-jet loom,weft insertion time,air jet pressure,stop warp frame position and shed amount were optimized.Quality problem of loom-state fabric was analyzed from aspects of yarn elastic unevenness and woven defects.It is considered that strict control of semi-products quality indicators in each process is the key to ensuring successful production.