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arrow Influence of Air Conditioner Dedusting on the Spinning Quality

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:26:06  

LI Zhicheng1  CHEN Jiling2

(1.Foshan Qifenghua Textile Co.,Ltd.,Guangdong Foshan,510165;

2.Guangzhou University,Guangdong Guangzhou,528000) 

    Abstract  The influence of air conditioner dedusting on the spinning quality was discussed.The related regulation control measures were put forward.Combining the production practices,the influence of air conditioner dedusting on spinning quality was analyzed.It was pointed out that not only the air conditioner parameters like workshop temperature & humidity,airflow differential,air supply outlet,air supply speed and so on should be reasonably set in practical production,but also the measures should be taken to ensure stable temperature & humidity of the workshop.For dedusting,not only scientific design and reasonable configuration are needed,but also the daily maintenance of the equipment should be strengthened.It is beneficial to the successful production and the stability & improvement of product quality.