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arrow Development of Cotton 19.7 tex Ecosnow Heather Yarn

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:29:04  

YANG Kexiao1  LYU Aili2

(1.BROS Eastern Co.,Ltd.,Zhejiang Ningbo,315200;

2.Ningbo Sangtong Quality Technology Service Co.,Ltd.,Zhejiang Ningbo,315200) 

    Abstract  The production method of cotton 19.7 tex eco snow heather yarn was discussed.The theory of positive ion modification treatment of cotton fibers were simply introduced.The key technology in each spinning process were explained.Aimed at the properties of two special fibers as combed noil and positive ion cotton,reasonable processing parameters were determined.7 kinds of experimental schemes were adopted to compare the influence of different cotton assorting method and carding gauge on the yarn quality and style.The results showed that the yarn eco-snow effect was more serious if the positive ion cotton content was higher when the combed noil amount was the same.When the positive ion cotton content was reached above 50%,the larger the carding gauge was,the yarn eco snow effect was more obvious,but the yarn strength and yarn evenness were worse.It is considered that no only the production of eco snow heather yarn recycles the combed noil,but also the environmental pollution in subsequent dyeing is solved.