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arrow Development of Rapid Packaging Equipment for Cotton Fiber Sample

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:33:28  

LIAN Sumei1  LI Peng1  LIU Jun2  WANG Ming3  GUO Huiqing4

(1.Shijiazhuang Customs District P.R.China,Hebei Shijiazhuang,050051;

2.Urumqi Customs District P.R.China,Xinjiang Urumqi,830011;

3.Qingdao Customs District P.R.China,Shandong Qingdao,266555;

4.Zhengzhou Customs District P.R.China,Henan Zhengzhou,450003)

    Abstract  Development process of rapid packaging equipment for cotton fiber sample was introduced.In order to avoid shortcomings of manual packaging method for cotton sample,rapid packaging equipment for cotton fiber sample was developed.Structure,working principle and working process of rapid packaging equipment for cotton fiber sample were introduced.The results showed that rapid packaging one cotton fiber sample cost 25 s,size of package sample was consistent.It is considered that manual operation can be replaced by rapid packaging equipment,equipmentization,automation and standardization of cotton sample packaging can be realized by rapid packaging equipment.Inspection efficiency is improved.Labor intensity of inspectors is reduced.Instrumentation operation level of cotton inspection industry is improved.