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arrow Application of USTER Spinning Single Spindle Detection Device

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:36:06  

GAO Yang  HUANG Bing  WANG Xiaohui  ZHANG Meiyun 

(Jiangsu Dasheng Group Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Nantong,226002)

    Abstract  Application effect of USTER spinning single spindle detection device was discussed.Basic principle of single spindle detection device was analyzed.Properties of electromagnetic and photoelectric single spindle detection were compared.The result of production practice showed that single spindle detection was helpful to workshop production real time monitoring,personnel management and process plan.Through combination of fuzzy cluster analysis and single spindle detection data,application function of single spindle detection device to workshop staff assessment can be further developed.It is considered that the application of spinning single spindle detection device is a new way to improve production efficiency.