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arrow Practice of Spinning Untwisted Yarn on Core spun Yarn Device

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:41:36  

LIU Guangbin  CHEN Shaofang  SONG Yalu  NIE Guolong FAN Debin 

(Chengdu Textile College,Sichuan Chengdu,611731)

    Abstract  Practice effect of spinning untwisted yarn by core spun yarn device was discussed.By reversely using core spun yarn to produce core yarn placed at the left position of cotton strand,different distance between water soluble vinylon filament and cotton fiber strand,cotton yarn count,filament twist and twist direction were carried out to spin untwisted yarn test.The test results showed that requirements of subsequent process were met by using spinning frame equipped with core spun yarn device.It is considered that this method of producing untwisted yarn is simple in production process,the spun untwisted yarn is not affected by yarn count.