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arrow Production Key Point of A Rough Style Denim Fabric

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:45:23  

LIU Xingle 

(Hebei Xindadong Textile Co.,Ltd.,Hebei Shijiazhuang,050000 )

    Abstract  Design and production key points of a rough style denim fabric were summarized.Siro spinning C 73 tex yarn and slub yarn were adopted as warp.Ply of colored polyester yarn and slub yarn were adopted as weft.Warping tension was 40 cN,warping speed was 600 m/min.First scouring,then dyeing and sizing,main processes of dyeing and sizing were introduced.Singeing and desizing shrink proof were adopted in finishing process.Fabric styles before and after washing were analyzed.The test results showed that physical indexes of fabrics were met design requirements.It is considered that fabric style is unique,which can be applied to men's denim clothing in autumn and winter.