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arrow Preparation of TiO2 Coating Cotton Fabric and Its UV Protection Property

Datetime:2019-12-27 11:46:45  

HE Mantang  ZHOU Xinyi 

(Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology,Jiangxi Nanchang,330201)

    Abstract  UV Protection finishing methods of cotton fabric were discussed.Polydopamine coating was introduced into cotton fabric surface by using dopamine selfpolymerization.Nano TiO2 coating cotton fabric was prepared by polydopamine coating assisted TiO2 precursor liquid precipitation of ammonium fluorotitanate.Microstructure,infrared spectrum,Xray diffraction pattern and UV protection of cotton fabric before and after treatment were tested.The results showed that polydopamine coating for insitu growth was successfully formed on cotton fabric surface.TiO2 nanoparticles dispersed well on cotton fabric surface.UV protection factor UPF value of nano TiO2 coating cotton fabric was reached 126.8,after 5 times washing UPF value was remained at 110.7.It is considered that UV protection property of nano TiO2 coating cotton fabric assisted prepared by polydopamine is better.