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arrow Research Study of Ionizing Radiation Protective Textiles

Datetime:2020-06-03 17:06:43  

YANG Tao1 SHI Min2 WAN Xingchen2 YAO Lirong2

(1.Nantong University,Jiangsu Nantong,226019;2.National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of

Technical Fiber Composites for Safety and Health,Jiangsu Nantong,226019)

  Abstract The research progress of ionizing radiation protective textiles was summarized.The concept,characteristics and harm of ionizing radiation were explained.The differences and similarities of standards that were followed in the filed of ionizing radiation protection at home and abroad were compared.The categories of textiles for ionizing radiation protection,preparation processing,protective properties and the differences for different application scenarios and so on were emphatically introduced.The protective technology of ionizing radiation and the product development direction were looked ahead.It is considered that X-ray of ionizing radiation and lower energy γ-ray are the key to protect for the textiles.Adapting metal alloy materials,blended metal powder andmaterials with multiple structure are the efficient measures to achieve better protection on wider energy ray.