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arrow Research Progress of Nanofiber Material Application in Wound Dressing

Datetime:2020-06-03 17:09:58  

DAI Jiamu1 FU Yijun1 ZHANG Guangyu1 ZHANG Yu1 ZHANG Wei2

(1.Nantong University,Jiangsu Nantong,226019;2.National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of
Technical Fiber Composites for Safety and Health,Jiangsu Nantong,226019)

Abstract The research progress of nanofiber material application in wounding dressing was discussed.The nanofiber materials prepared with electrospinning were taken as the study object.The study background,preparation technology and application status of nanofiber in wound dressing were analyzed from three angles including material categories,functional modification and preparation.It is considered that more attention and progress are obtained for the preparation and related application study of nanofiber wound dressings while further development and improvement on physical properties and functional conglutinant aspect are still needed.